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What is MISJ? What is Japanese? For the Prospective Teachers
Fundamental Features
Cultural Background
Japanese Pronunciation
Japanese Numbers

Japanese Pronunciation

Japanese Vowels
There are only five vowels.
[a], [i], [u], [e], [o]

Japanese Syllables
Most Japanese sounds consist of one of these five vowels.

[k] + [a] = [ka]

[k] + [i] = [ki]

[k] + [u] = [ku]

[k] + [e] = [ke]

[k] + [o] = [ko]

Japanese Letters & Pronunciation
Each Japanese letter directly shows its pronunciation. This means if you master how to pronounce each letter you can read basic Japanese and visually check your pronunciation.

Japanese Accent
All Japanese sounds have approximately equal stress and length.
Unlike English, Japanese uses pitch to differentiate words. Which sound or which part of the word is pronounced at a higher or lower pitch becomes important because there are many words which have the same sound combinations but have different meanings. Sometimes the pitch difference shows the difference of the meanings.