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MISJ As a Teacher Training System
MISJ works not only as the Japanese teaching system but also as the Japanese teacher training system.

Every instuctor uses the same teaching materials and drilling techniques established by Mikiko Iwasaki. High quality lessons are guaranteed from the beginning because of the unique simulation type training system.

In 20 years, more than 200 instructors have been developed;
however, it is unfortunate that very few of them are active
right now under the name of ILPD Inc. The reason is very simple. Iwasaki has been too busy developing e-learning programs and teaching materials suitable for group lessons. She had no time for finding enough jobs for developed instructors who rather prefer private lessons.

Teacher training course started in Beijing, China on April 2, 2008. This was the first trial for ILPD Inc. developing foreigners as Japanese language instructors.
After about one month, we found that they are unbelievably promising.


Eight selected prospective Chinese instructors finished
OJT on July 30th, 2008.

Graduation ceremony of instucters developed in Beijing

They have started teaching Japanese language in Beijing, Xian and Chongqing since August 11th, 2008.