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Recommendation Letters
1991-1998  1999-2002  2003-2005

Mar. 20th, 2021

Dear Iwasaki sensei
I hereby congratulate you for your outstanding program. As a language
teacher I have been doing a comparative analysis on the way you proceed to
teach Japanese language and the way other Japanese language centers do. I
conclude that your program and techniques put learners at the exposure of
the language better than other programs.

To WhomTo Whom It May Concern(2006)

Dec 13th, 2006
After 12-day intensive course held in Hanoi, Viet Nam
Mr. Doan Thanh Ha
Mr. Pham Trung Kien
Mr. Do Van Son
Mr. Do Duc Giang


Dec 11th, 2006
After 2.5 months intensive course held in Tokyo at CICC
Mr. KARUNARATNE Kankanige Lahiru Kautilya Sri Lanka
Mr.WEE Kian LeeMalaysia) 
Ms. BALMEO Vivessa CustodioPhilippines
Ms. PELAGIO Gemma CasiaPhilippines
Ms. WANNASUK CherapaThailand
Mr. GANBAATAR SandagsurenMongolia 
Mr.Do Duc ThanhVietnam
Mr.BUYAN-ULZII AriunboldMongolia 
Mr. Budhi SoeprijantoIndonesia


Sep 1st, 2006
After five two-hour lessons
Dr.Abdullatif A. Al-Jumaily
Prof. of Applied Linguistics, College of Arts, Univ. of Baghdad


To Whom It May Concern(2003-2005)

Dec. 27, 2005

After 12-day intensive course held in HCM City, Viet Nam

Mr. Hoang Huy Nguyen: attended all 12 days

Mr. Tran Ngoc Quoc Thai: attended all 12 days

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc: attended all 12 days

Ms. Ngyen Thi Bich: attended 9 days

Ms. Pham Thi Diem Suong: attended 12 days

Mr. Pham Dac Hoang: attended 11 days

Mr. Pham Van Binh: attended 9 days

NOTE: Some of them started from third or fourth days.



Oct. 29, 2005

After 11-day intensive course held in Yangon, Myanmar

Ms. Myint Myint Thein

Ms. Moe Thi Dar Win

Ms. Ei Ei Khin

Mr. Win Myat Kyaw

Mr. Soe Ko Ko

Ms. Thet Thet Aunh

Ms. Soe Mya Mya Aye

Mr. Ney Lin Tun

Ms. Tah MLah Moo

Ms. Phyo Phyo  Hein


Aug. 29, 2005

After 12-day intensive course held in Tianjin, China

Ms. Wong Junjun

Ms. Tian Jie

Mr. Liu Yuyang

Ms. Chen Hong

Ms. Jia Dong

Mr. Li Wei

Ms. Wang Xuelien

Mr. Li Yi Lan

Ms. Meng Qing Ying



Mr. Denis N. Balaba (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

As a student of MISJ program, I’ve got more than what I have expected. I joined the class with no or has very little knowledge on Japanese language. As I progress through the program, I had learned all the basic formation of Japanese sentence and also have learned to write and speak Japanese. The learning process is so systematic and gradually you will be able to communicate with other people using the language as a medium. These are just some of the great results you will gain joining this program.

In connection to these, I strongly recommend the MISJ program as the best tool for those who desire to speak and write Japanese language effectively.


Ms. Vicky Paasa (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

I really recommend the MISJ program for those who would want to learn the Japanese Language easily and enjoyably. Moreover, it is really effective for beginners to learn its systematic approach.

The series of lessons I’ve learned really gave me enough basic information on Japanese language for 12 successive days only. With unique teaching methods and explanations conducted by Ms. Mikiko Iwasaki, there’s no reason that trainees can’t deliver basic conversation or make compositions. It is really interesting and enjoyable. More power to MISJ. Domo aligatou gozaimashita.

NOTE: It was originally planed to be a 12-day course but changed to be a 11-day course. They took two lessons on the first day.


Mr. Jethru Fel C. Perater (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

The MISJ program was really great. Everything was organized properly. I’ve learned a lot in just 12 days. So for those who wants to learn Nihongo, take MISJ and you will never regret it. You will learn it faster than expected.


Mr. Emman R. Compasivo (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

The system are already there. Personally, MISJ is highly recommended because of its systematic, effective and efficient way. I really appreciate the wholistic approach of teaching.

In my part, I still have more to do given that Nihon-go is wholly new language for me. More hours to consume for a self-study. More practice and study hard.

I am so thankful with the achievement test and the interview because in that way I was able to know my level of learning.

I will do my very best to be proficient and fluent in Nihon-go using the MISJ materials, I promise. I am very much challenged of this.

To MISJ, thank you very much. Keep up the good work. You are part of my success.

E-mail sent afterward: The answer why he failed in the achievement test
First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your precious efforts and time in teaching us of Nihon-go.

It is you who wakes me up in the world of Japanese language. I find it an interesting and enjoyable. Right now, I am really challenge to study more and have focus on it for us to be able to write, read and speak Nihon-go. I keep on reviewing all your manuals and re-write all the compositions that we had.

In regards with your query, I was running out of time that is why I was not able to finish my composition and answer the other questions. I thought that the exam is scheduled for two hours. It is also a mixed feelings during my interview, perhaps it is my first interview in Live with cameras.

That experience is significant for me because it strengthens and encourage me to strive more, not just to learn but to master Nihon-go.

I really appreciate your wholistic approach of teaching, effective and systematic way.


Ms. Rosevie Fernandez (Philippines)
Apr. 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines



Ms. Shiela E. Mabao (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

MISJ program is really a quick way in understanding Japanese Language and Cultures. With its quality instructors we will deserve the time and effort we devote on it.

I highly recommend MISJ as a quick tool in learning Japanese Language. I learned more than what I expected. I enjoyed (learning) the training.


Ms. Nor-een Esparcia (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines



Mr. Michael D. Espina (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

I am a pure Filipino and no knowledge at all about Japanese language-hihongo. It has been an opportunity for me to be a part of this 12-day training program. I can read, write and somehow understand some of the Japanese language with this short period of time training program. I am inviting you all to try & enroll at MISJ-Japanese training program for a high quality learning of nihongo.

NOTE: It was originally planed to be a 12-day course but changed to be a 11-day course. They took two lessons on the first day.


Ms. Flodeliza E. Dampog (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

The method of teaching was very systematic and effective to beginners like me. It’s easy to understand. The method is very good and effective.


Mr. Jehieli L. Sausa (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

It is really indeed a systematic approach. MISJ is a very useful tool for those that need quick learning for nihongo.


Mr. Amiel Alavanza (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

MISJ is systematic and effective to new and average students in Japanese language. I really enjoyed in listening and repeating the sentence including words. As you long as you do your part as a student, you will learned a lot. I recommend this method of teaching Japanese language.


Ms. Cherry Mae Sapon (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines



Ms. Jevie Lyn P Tan Nery (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

Japanese language may somehow a bit hard to study but with the way of MISJ Program it can be learned in an easy way & very educational. Given an ample time, one can master the proper & polite form of Japanese language. The teaching method ap***ed by Iwasaki sensei is very con***, precise & simplified in a manner understandable to new learners. And learning Japanese can be fun too. A whole new experience of learning foreign language is a challenge, however when one uses the MISJ program, learning can be so easy & rewarding. At the end, one can be *indicated that nihongo is fun to learn with.

NOTE: Original letters were written by hands. The parts which were hard to be recognized were remained as **** .


Ms. Claudine R. Caalim (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

Please extend your 12-days program. I had a difficult time coping-up. I am sorry for not doing well in the exam. I promise to continue studying the materials. I was absent for a couple of meetings. Although I did not master the program, for sure I did learn a lot. Thank you so much Iwasaki sensei and Yone sensei.

NOTE: It was originally planed to be a 12-day course but changed to be a 11-day course. They took two lessons on the first day.


Ms. Gnag Jannice (Philippines)
Apr, 2005: after intensive 11-day trial course held in the Philippines

These MISJ program is very systematic, efficient, effective & enjoyable. You will learn Japanese language the easiest & fastest way that there are no language center can offer. The lessons are very organize that you can easily understand and communicate. The program also introduced some Japanese cultures & tradition so the students were oriented & *****, I highly recommend this program to any body who wish to learn & speak Japanese in the easiest and convenient way.

I would like to express my gratitude for your time and your effort and patience to teach us. Thank you very much. Hope to see you soon. Doomo aligatoo gozaimashita!!!!!!


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang: Viet Nam
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

My name is Giang, Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) officer. This is the first time I have ever attend a Japanese course. As I’ve heard before Japanese is quite a very difficult language, but when I started with the program 2 weeks ago, I saw that it’s very easy and fast for students to remember Japanese rules. I can get much more than I expect when attending the course. MISJ is systematic, efficient and effective. It is a good idea to use MISJ teaching Japanese to foreigners.

I would like to express my sincere thank to Ms. Iwasaki, our teacher and CICC for giving us a quite good Japanese course. Thanks a lot.


Ms. Trinh Thi Thanh Thuy (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

watashi-wa sensei-o suki-desu. (*written in hilagana)
I think that your training course is useful. I want to join another course.


Ms. Nguyen Hong (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi
The MISJ WELCOME PROGRAM is very good. I like it. Many thank Sensei. You are a good Sense! I wan to write a recommendation letter, but my English is bad, so I cannot write. sumimasen(*written in hilagana).


Mr. Nguyen Anh Phu (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

This program gives us a new point of view about learning Japanese, especially with the teaching methods of Mrs. Mikiko Iwasaki. They are funny and easy to understand. However, with this program’s load, we need at least the same time amount spent at class for self-study at home that maybe a problem. For me, I memorized almost grammar learned at class but few words.

After all, I would like to express my thanks to Mrs. Mikiko Iwasaki for everything she taught us. Thank your very much!

If I have a chance to go to Japan, I’ll be very happy to visit Mrs. Mikiko Iwasaki.


Mr. Hai Long (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

I think MISJ is a good approach in learning Japanese for busy people. The aim of the course is providing the basic grammar and does not provide much vocabulary. This is really good in the terms that when you have basic grammar, you can afford much more self-study and be able to improve your language by daily practice. If in the beginning, you focus in increasing your vocabulary, you will not know how to build sentences and find it difficult to speak.

As my conclusion, I recommend this program, MISJ, for busy people who want to obtain basic Japanese in a short time.


Mr. Phung N. Tach (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

This is my response for MISJ. I think the course is very effective. The course is enjoyable, all lessons are well organized and connected to situational of everyday conversation therefore you can progress in conversation after each lesson. The course with everyday conversation can improve your listening and speaking skill. Simplified rules help you to memorize almost the grammar and vocabulary. Only with the short time, after the course, you can communicate to other people and speak about yourself, your friend, your hobbies and your plan…..Also you can write composition about your family, working, travel, plan, habit….

I think MISJ is very helpful to people who busy at working and want to have good Japanese skill in the short time. Once more, thanks to Mrs. Mikiko Iwasaki for the course.


Mr. Pham Nhat Phuong (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

After the course, I really like it because it is very interesting. I would like to attend other course of MISJ. Teacher is very kind and helpful. Thank to her. I started learning Japanese. I will try to study Japanese more.


Mr. Le The Bao (Viet Nam)

Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

After 12 days studying Japanese for IT with head sensei Mikiko Iwasaki, I can read and understand a little of Japanese. It was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever taken. Many thank Sensei Mikiko Iwasaki for your help whole the course (aligatoogozaimashita), you are a good Sense! I’ve been also self-studying Japanese and hope one day I’ll join next MISJ course. The MISJ is a shortest ways to learn Japanese so you should expand it on the world.


Mr. Phan Phuong Dat (Viet Nam)
Mar, 2005: after 12-day trial course held in Hanoi

I was told many times that Japanese language is very hard. I myself did not attend any Japanese course before this MISJ class, but after this class I feel confident that I can learn Japanese.

The good points of this program, among others, are the speaking practice and gradual introduction of kanas into written words. This program, at least the orientation class is particularly good for busy people, who don’t have much time to learn.


Ms. Ellen K. Chamberlain (USA)
June. 2004

Mrs. Iwasaki’s MISJ program is an excellent course for teaching Japanese. It is especially effective for those with prior Japanese language skills or with good memorization skills. MISJ incorporates review books, lettering books, e-Learning and flash cards. It is all encompassing for any teaching methodology.

The MISJ instructors are extremely patient and good with their students. They are well prepared for each class and are warm, caring people. Their language abilities in English and Japanese are fantastic. It was nice to learn from these sensei!

MIJS is systematic approach to learning Japanese. It focuses on teaching sections of hiragana, katakana and grammar each lesson. The method of removing letters and using hiragana in the textbook is especially useful in picking up the characters. All of the lessons were useful, though some of the lessons could have been broken into several parts (i.e., more than one lesson) since there was quite a bit of material to cover in some weeks.

I would recommend MISJ to anyone who would like to improve their Japanese skills. It is a challenging course, but it is extremely useful.


Ms. Katja Bartholmess (Germany)
Dec, 2003: after 12-day trial course held in Tokyo
MISJ is very, very good as Japanese learning system.

AS for the class room lesson, if 15 to 30 minutes of the 3-hour lesson would have been dedicated to “real life conversation”-I’d be stuck for criticism. That means; the course would be perfect.

It’s e-Learning program is absolutely FANTASTIC seriously.

My answer to the question, “As a whole, is MISJ recommendable?”, is “Definitely yes!’ I like the compact-ness of the course and the way in which the e-Learning program and the Review BOOK guide the student through the preparation and revision process. All the student has to do is to be willing to learn and dedicate time. The rest is being taken care of.

Comparison to other school:
I dropped out of the other course as I was bored and didn’t feel challenged. At ILPD I received extra attention, my homework was tailored to my needs (or demands) and there simply no time for any boredom.

Expectations prior to the course:
I thought “Yeah! Free Japanese classes.” but I hadn’t thought I’d study for hours everyday. Already after the first lesson (with Ms. Iwasaki) I felt encouraged to do my best. I practiced every day and made tremendous progress.



Ms. Emma Baker (Australia)
Dec, 2003: after 12-day trial course held in Tokyo

All the teachers were very professional and made the lessons not only simple and clear but fun as well!

The classroom lesson is very important. They helped me a lot. All the classroom lessons were fantastic. I think the last review lesson helped me put it all into perspective. It would be great to have another review lesson before the exam/test.

As for the e-Learning program, it is fantastic, fun and a great way to learn. I found it very effective. Well done!

I was a great course which I really enjoyed. The only point that I would like to make is that at start of the program the study/review needed exceeded 4-6 hours study for me. A lot of work was needed to keep up with the program but it was soon amended to just reviewing the mornings lesson’s instead of reviewing the next mornings lesson as well!

It is hard to believe that only 12 days ago I hardly knew any Japanese & now I can not only speak some but write. Over the last 12 days we learnt a lot of sentence structures. A great start for me to put into practice. And I am looking forward to being able to speak to more & more people here each day. Thank you soooo much! I would recommend it highly to anyone wanting to start learning Japanese.


Mr. Romain Solliard (Swiss)
Dec, 2003: after 12-day trial course held in Tokyo
MISJ is the best as Japanese teacher training system. Teachers were all very nice and the classroom lesson was lots of fun.

I found e-Learning program was good and funny. It has a good point.

This program was very enjoyable. I must sorry I haven’t study much and I am very sorry about that!!! Just a few thing, I would have like to learn some more useful “expression”! And concerning the teaching method, to repeating yes! but always some thing different to make your brain work. So finally I think it a very good program for someone who want to go very deep into Japanese language and have a lot of time to spend on it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Ms. Quek Siew Yuen Sharon (Singapore)
Dec, 2003: after twelve-day trial course held in Tokyo
MISJ is highly recommendable. The whole program is running perfectly smoothly. With the learning system, I can pick up Japanese so easily and the Japanese teacher training system is very good and professional for it!

For the classroom lesson, it inspired and motivated me a lot more to pick up Japanese. It is interesting and exciting that I look forward everyday for the lesson.

For the e-Learning program, it is innovative but yet a lot of space for improvement. And the direction is not clear.


Ms. Pham Mai Huong (Viet Nam)
Dec, 2003: after six-day trial course held in Hanoi

In general, in my opinion, this Japanese learning system is good. It’s not complicated so I can understand sassily.

Moreover, I’m very interested in the training system of the teacher. She is very enthusiastic and patient. She makes us feel interesting in studying Japanese.


Mr, Pham Quang Hiep (Viet Nam)
Dec, 2003: after six-day trial course held in Hanoi

I like this program. It help us know how to learn Japanese. Teacher teaches very enthusiasm, and very interesting make us not feel tired. In the classroom, students sometime feel tired because not have brake but student also likes.

This program is very good. I think I will learn Japanese in the future. and This system help us understand about Japanese. I hope I will see teacher in the next time in the future.


Ms. Tran Thi Hong Hanh (Viet Nam)
Dec, 2003: after six-day trial course held in Hanoi

MISJ is very interesting and effective and its training system is efficient and enthusiastic.

As for the e-Learning program, it is very interesting and enjoyable. It’s easier to practice Japanese correctly.

I love this program, it’s very interesting and useful. Before this program, some people say that Japanese is one of the most difficult language. However, now I feel it not so difficult to learn. With effective training method, I can know more about Japanese and I love it.


Ms. Pham Dien Hien (Viet Nam)
Dec, 2003: after six-day trial course held in Hanoi

MISJ is systematic and very efficient because teach can attract attention of learners.

MISJ is recommendable because following this organization, learners can follow and remember more easily and more effectively.


Ms. Nguyen Huong Lan (Viet Nam)

Dec, 2003: after six days trial program

I really like this sysmte. This can help people who know nothing become more confident in learning Japanese.

As for the taining system, I has an intersting way to show the grammar. She also ask us to practice fluently. This method help us remmeber things more.

For classroom lesson, sometimes the lesson lasts too long. Therefore students can feel rather tired. I think there should be short breaks.

For e-Learning program, this kind of learning is quite strange and modern. But I think this is a good one because we can learn everywhere.

As a whole, for me, this system is really enjoyable. Maybe I will continue if I have a chance.

Thanks to the teacher who has given us interesting and effetive lectures.


Ms. Luu Thuy Huyen (Viet Nam)

Dec, 2003: after six-day trial course held in Hanoi

I find that MISJ is very systematic, so that it makes me easy to understand and memorize although this is the 1st time I’ve learned Japanese. Moreover, all the sentence structures in this system are well-organized, so it’s easy to follow.

The teacher is so enthusiastic, so it makes students more eager to study. Her explanation, her lecture is clear & easy to understand with specific examples which are repeated may times, so students can memorize easily.

In the calls room, every students are also enthusiastic and we have tried our best to contribute to the success of the MISJ. We are also happy because we learned so much about Japanese only in 1 week.

As for the e-Learning program, it is very interesting because in everywhere can study Japanese through this program. Especially I myself can continue studying Japanese after a short but interesting week.

With all the knowledge provided by MISJ, I can understand more about Japanese. It’s not so difficult as I thought before. Therefore, I will continue studying Japanese through the e-Learning program with Internet. It’s very useful.

After I talked with my friend that I was learning Japanese with MISJ and a Japanese teacher. And I also let her read the materials I had in this program, she was very eager and said that “Is there any course like this? I also want to learn”. The MISJ must be so very interesting and attractive that my friend also wants to take part in this course.


To Whom It May Concern(1999-2002)

Mr. Daniel Jones(U.K.)
May, 2002

I studied Mikiko Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese course for eight months(only my relocation out of Japan prevented from continuing the course). I can offer the highest recommendation both for the course and the teacher.

Japanese is a complex language for a Westerner but I found the MISJ course clear, intuitive and easy to follow.
The study aids and materials are comprehensive and very helpful.

My instructor is excellent. She is patient and encouraging and has a natural ability to gauge the student's grasp of the subject matter. She also speaks impeccable English.

With her guidance, I feel that I made quick progress in my studies and would not hesitate in resuming my course with her should I ever return to live in Japan.


Mrs. Adrienne Byrne(USA)

May, 2002

I have been a student of the Iwasaki Language Program Development school since approximately September 2001. I have almost completed the Novice Program Level 1 and have supplemented my weekly formal lessons with Mrs. Iwasaki's E-Learning internet course which I have completed, passed and received my certificate for. During this time I have also studied
hiragana and katakana alphabets.

I feel that Mrs. Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese course is a very good way to learn the language beginning from the basics(sentence structure, everyday words and culture) and I would recommend the course to anyone who has a
dedicated interest to learn Japanese in a structured but simple way.


Ms. Katharine Raidt Christmas(USA)

May, 2002

I have been studying Japanese using the Iwasaki Language Program for about two months.

I would highly recommend both this program and my teacher to others considering studying Japanese. The program is well balanced between practical, conversational Japanese that can be put to use immediately and grammatical/alphabet fundamentals that can serve as building blocks for eventual fluency.
My teacher is an inspiration. She makes even the most difficult aspects of the language seem manageable and her energy makes our two-hour lesson fly by. When I am well-prepared, I am amazed by how far we can move forward in a single lesson.
Equally important, when I have not had time to study, she still makes the lesson worthwhile.

As challenging and, at times, frustrating as Japanese is to learn, I feel I've made significant progress in a short period of time.
I've also enjoyed myself in the process.


Mr. Enobot Agboraw(Cameroon)

May, 2002

The programme teaches the most useful forms of noun, verb and adjective sentences. The course does not encourage memorizing lists of phrases. Rather, it starts with the most basic concepts and systematically builds on them. Fundamental principles such as:(i) verb information is always at the end of the
sentence; (ii) time and subject information are always at the beginning of the sentence; etc. are also emphasized. The cultural background is explained at every opportunity.Therefore, in addition to teaching the language, it is also a Japanese culture course in disguise.

Tools such as vocabulary and "particles", instead of being the main focus, are introduced slowly and only when relevant to the lesson. The grammar in particular, is therefore learnt in context. This is vitally important for a non-native adult student. The beauty of this system is that at a very early stage one has the confidence to make up one's own phrases(as opposed to remembering a memorized list.)

When I first started, I was eager to memorize common phrases. I wanted to memorize all the grammar rules. I was looking for "instant gratification". I am glad that the programme did not take me down that road. By my eighth lesson, I was pleasantly shocked to realize that I could communicate quite effectively. Friends that took the "instant gains" route are now taking a close look at Mrs. Iwasaki's systematic Japanese course. Now that I have completed the Welcome Programme, I find that I can communicate effectively in a wide range of situations. And because the course establishes a solid basic foundation, learning new things is easy.

I can write and instantly recognize all Hiragana and Katakana. There is no writing course per se. However, a few "kana" are introduced during every lesson.
At the end of each lesson, the student does some exercises and writes a composition using the concepts, vocabulary and "kana" learnt so far. As in the rest of the course, the acquisition of knowledge is always incremental and as natural as possible.

I am proof that one can indeed learn Japanese in 24 hours (and enjoy doing so).


Mr. Jim Franzen(USA)

February, 2001

Dear Iwasaki-san, I wanted to take a quick moment to express my pleasure and progress with the ILPD program. I have just completed the Welcome Program and am excited with the progress I am making.
I think there are several reasons why your program is very successful and right for me; however, the most important of these reasons are the program approach and my teacher.

The program itself is logical, continuously builds and is fun. I'm impressed with now each lesson seems so tailor-made for where I am to date. The drills, exercises and workbooks help me to gauge my progress and to re-visit the areas in which I need the most help. I am impressed that the program is responsive to my personal rate of learning and appreciate that the emphasis is on understanding sentence structure and logical usage context--this helps me to know how I should use the language. Having studied other languages in the past, I must say that I prefer this approach and feel that I understand how/why the Japanese language works rather than just memorizing listsof words.

I am excited to see my progress through the next portion of the program. Thank you for your support and for developing your program!


Mr. Joseph R. D'Onofrio(USA)

October, 2000

Dear Mrs. Iwasaki, I am writing to commend you for your work creating the "Systematic Japanese" course of which I have been and remain a student.

The course is well organized, providing essential language skills early so that functioning in Japan is rendered less daunting.
It gave me confidence to begin speaking Japanese quickly thereby reinforcing what I had learned in class. Later, as more complex ideas were introduced I found that they too were presented in such a way that I was able to use them immediately.

The lesson structure is arranged in such a manner that language concepts and patterns of usage are brought to life. Supplemented by the effective use of visual aids and other learning materials, lessons are as enjoyable as they are instructive.

Lastly I want to compliment my teacher Yayoi Yoshioka.
Her professional demeanor and patience have helped me through the more difficult aspects of learning a foreign language at the age of 54.


Mr. Tilak Sikri(India)

December, 1999

I have been attending MISJ program for slightly over one year (18 lessons, 36 hours) and am very glad to say that it lives up to its billing as a "structured approach to teaching Japanese".
Even while taking so few lessons, I can converse with the teacher in Japanese because of the structured approach of the program, which makes it easy to review and learn the basic concepts.

The program consists of learning the alphabets(both Katakana and Hiragana) as well as written and oral Japanese. The course materials are all designed by Iwasaki-san and are of exceptional quality.
The books start with almost complete romaji and gradually keep increasing the hiragana/katakana content until there is almost no romaji. This approach teaches one the alphabet a very effective, painless manner. Just for comparison, the MISJ books have considerably more hiragana/katakana than any of the other big name Japanese textbooks.

The MISJ teaching method is very effective. The structured approach teaches one the fundamentals of the language.
The gradual build up of the sentence structure and grammatical rules makes one see the patterns of the language and makes learning much easier.


Mr. Michael O'Hagan(Canada)

February, 1999

As a student of the Iwaski Language Program Development, from November 1998, it gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation.

Prior to joining ILPD my Japanese was, to say the least, very poor. I was continually having to relearn both hiragana and katakana. As well, I often found myself in everyday situations where only a basic understanding of Japanese would have helped.
I needed some instruction, and not the kind that I would be able to provide for myself.

Although I still have a long way to go, I feel confident in saying that after one year of studying under the Iwasaki program my Japanese ability has improved. I am now at the stage where I feel confident communicating in Japanese in many everyday situations. As well, my mastery of hiragana and katakana
has improved to a level where I can read and write confidently.

The Iwasaki program is set up in a way that encourages retention and fluency. Lessons always include a review of previous lessons before moving on to new subjects, and if more instruction is necessary it is provided. As well, lessons progress smoothly from one area of study to the next. This progressing is often clear to the student, resulting in a sense of accomplishment and better understanding.

For anyone interested in improving their Japanese, I would have no hesitation in recommending ILPD.


Ms. Julie Gare, BNFL Japan KK (GB)

August, 1999

I have studied the Welcome Programme from the ILPD

Views on the programme:

  • Well structured
  • Logical
  • Easy to follow and understand
  • Topics covered are relevant and useful for general
    everyday communication
  • Course material very helpful and easy to follow
    (Books and tapes)
  • Use of flash cards is an excellent idea
  • Teachers all helpful
  • Lessons oriented around conversation practice.

Ms. Patrice Van Hyle (USA) & Mr. De Mello (India), Maryknoll Lay Missioners

July, 1999

I started the MISJ language program along with my colleague about nine months after arriving in Tokyo, Japan.
Although we had previously done some Japanese language study, we found our former school to be very academic and too removed from daily life situations. The MISJ provided by Iwasaki Language Program Development, however, was much more relevant to our everyday experiences and conversations
with Japanese people.

My friend and I quickly mastered simple tools to function in ordinary situations.
We also learned the cultural nuances behind grammatical structures. Our teacher was friendly with us and not stiff often interrupting her prepared class plan to answer our specific questions about Japanese language and culture. We felt we could study at a pace unique to our needs. We stayed with the ILPD until the time of our departure from Japan-altogether about 3 years. Our Japanese improved as well as insight into Japanese life and thinking.

We are satisfied with our progress and recommend the Iwasaki Language Program Development to any beginner wishing to tackle the amazing world of Japanese language study!


Mrs. Elizabeth Matsumoto (USA)

May, 1999

After comparing several different Japanese language programs, I found the Iwasaki Language Development Program to be the most comprehensive and most clearly organized. The teachers are highly professional, motivational and knowledgeable.

Starting as a complete novice to the Japanese language, I found that the program rapidly helped me develop listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. The material is presented in well-prioritized, logical building blocks. As a beginner, I could immediately make use of the material in daily life when communicating with others or reading signs and labels.
As a student interested in ultimately gaining fluency, the program is efficiently providing me with strong fundamentals.

I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in learning the Japanese language.


Mr. Oliver Vayne

February, 1999

I have been studying with Mrs. Iwasaki's programme for over and year and during that time it has provided an extremely solid and thorough base on which to build my Japanese. The programme is very methodical and logical which allows the student to learn Japanese in a very clear and understandable way. I feel as though I have made very progress with my Japanese and more importantly that I fully understand everything that I have been taught. The large amount of practicing of the language in each lesson has been invaluable to my ability to use Japanese in everyday situations. I believe that the teaching technique of this programme is highly effective at developing the essential skills of language learning.


Ms. Nikki Walker(USA)

February, 1999

I recommend the Iwasaki method because this method is not "your-bonny textbook" conversation Japanese. It is interesting, challenging and not too difficult to learn. This method has made it easier and more interesting for me to learn Japanese.


Ms. Juliar Essex(GB)

February, 1999

The Iwasaki Language Programme is the second I have used to study Japanese and have studied it for six months. It is a very logical programme;
building on previously learnt material in a very systematic way.
Applying learnt material in a real situation is difficult. However, this programme offers a clear understanding of Japanese grammar. This knowledge has given me more confidence in "real" situations. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is serious about learning the Japanese language, culture and customs.


To Whom It May Concern(1991-1998)

Ms. Maria Villano(USA)
December, 1998

I strongly recommend MISJ to anyone who wants to not only learn Japanese effectively but also better understand Japanese people and culture. The systematic approach to Japannese language learning is disciplined in building your basic knowledge and practical in providing you with useful conversational skills. This combination of discipline and practicality allowed
me to learn on my own.

The top quality of the teachers is also an essential part of the program's success. My instructor truly enhances my learning experience by making the program fun and relevant as well as customizing the classes to my needs, pace and schedule.

Understanding others and being understood are the basic deliverables of the MISJ program, however the benefits go far beyond just "coping". Learning Japanese has improved my human relations with colleagues, broadened my appreciation of Japanese culture and allowed me to explore men on my own in my daily life.


Ms. Michelle Mackintosh(USA)

May, 1998

Japanese is the second foreign language I have studied and since simple memorization of a language has never been successful for me, finding a program that offered the basic building blocks of Japanese language was
important to me. MISJ was everything I had in mind and more. After only 24 hours of lessons, I feel I mastered the basic concepts of the Japanese language. I feel it is only a matter of time and practice for my vocabulary to expand.

I would like to highly recommend MISJ language program to anyone interested in mastering basic Japanese conversation.


Ms. Satu Mrijanen(Finland)

November, 1997

I have studied Japanese in Iwasaki Language Program Development for four months. I started from zero, knowing almost nothing about Japanese. Now after these four months I can read and write hiragana and katakana, do shopping in Japanese, order in restaurants, talk about my likes and dislikes, talk about what I did in the past and what I am planning to do in the future.
In brief, I can really use my Japanese in everyday life in Japan and not only that, I can have a real conversation in Japanese.

I find the teaching method in ILPD very efficient. The method consists of repeating the patterns again and again and reviewing constantly what you have studied in the past lessons. That is in my opinion the only way of learning a language efficiently. Maybe due to Iwasaki sensei's mathematical education, the learning process is very well organized and crystal clear.

Since I learned the katakana and hiragana writings in the beginning of my lessons I was able to read many of the signs that surrounded me in everyday life in Tokyo. That helped me learn even more words and also practice my ability to read the letters quickly. Writing compositions for my lessons not
only improved my Japanese vocabulary but helped me to think in Japanese, which is a necessity in learning a new language.

Having studied all together six languages( English among them), I have never learned a language as quickly as Japanese in such a short time. It proves me that learning through writing compositions, listening to language cassettes,
studying textbooks and practicing conversation with a native Japanese teacher is the best way of learning a language efficiently.

ILPD language school has a very good location in Shibuya (*now in Roppongi), the atmosphere is relaxing and the teachers are very friendly. In short, it has been a pleasure to study Japanese at ILPD.

I am very thankful to Iwasaki sensei for giving me an opportunity to study in her language school. I am also thankful to the other teachers for making my studying process so pleasant. I highly recommend this language school for everone interested in learning Japanese.


Mr. Kevin Sakoda(USA)

September, 1997

The ILPD method of learning beginning level Japanaese is excellent. For the motivated student, I believe the ILPD method will provide quick and rewarding
results. Ms. Iwasaki has used the fact that basic Japanese is very structured to present the Japanese language in a non-threatening, logical, and enjoyable
manner. The texts have a logical building-block approach to increasing the student's body of knowledge.
Pictures accompany the text to emphasize concepts and aid in "visualizing" vocabulary. Further, the texts contain not only grammar, but also cultural points to make the student aware of various aspects of Japanese culture and language. Grammar "flash cards" are also provided and are excellent for efficient studying(especially on the train). The ILPD method demonstrates Ms. Iwasaki's commitment and experience in teaching the basics of Japanese to busy foreign professionals. I believe that the ILPD method enables the student to achieve results quickly, thereby providing the incentive and energy to make learning Japanese an enjoyable experience.


Mr. Arman Sirazhev(Kazafstan)

August, 1997

I started to learn Japanese language in July 1997.
It hard to believe, but one week later I was able to read/write hiragana and katakana. Now I can get information and answer common questions in Japanese. It must be mentioned that Mrs. Iwasaki has made huge work in the field of the language teaching.

Mrs Iwasaki's program makes possible to apply Japanese for communication and makes you be adapted to the everday life in Japan. Also you will be acquainted with Japanese traditions and culture. The teacing is given in very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Nevertheless the team of the
young and pretty ladies is high professional and experienced. I am very thankful to my teachers and Iwasaki-san for the good and useful spent time.

So, I can recommend Mrs Iwasaki's "Systematic Japanese" for everybody who needs useful and deep knowledge in Japanese.


Mr. Oliver Bayne


I have been studying with Mrs Iwasaki's language programme for over and year and during that time it has provided an extremely solid and thorough base on which to build my Japanese. The programme is very methodical and logical which allows the student to learn Japanese in a very clear and understandable way. I feel as though I have made very good progress with my Japanese and more importantly that I fully understand every thing that I have been taught. The large amount of practicing of the language in each lesson has been invaluable to my ability to use Japanese in everyday situations. I believe that the teaching technique of this programme is highly effective at developing the essential skills of language learning.


Ms. Karin Madison(USA)

August, 1997

As an English speaker, I like to question "why" for everything I learn, including another language. The MISJ program not only answered my grammatical "why's" but also many "how's" which I did not realize existed.

The program has a logical, systematic approach which allowed me to comprehend and utilize the basics of the Japanese language in an incredibly short time.Without a doubt, the MISJ program clearly surpasses any current textbooks or Japanese language program available today. I tried for six months to study from the most up-to-date and concise texts/programs learned nothing in comparison to what I've learned with MISJ in the same amount of time.


Ms. Susan Burgess(Canada)

September, 1997

I really enjoyed studying with the MISJ program. The grammar explanations were clear and there was ample opportunity to repeat and practice the structures during class time. I was able to use what I learned with confidence in my daily life.


Ms. Sharon Lo-Flynn(USA)

February, 1997

The Iwasaki Japanese language program provided a wonderful introduction to the language and facilitated rapid advancement. Iam very satisfied with the program, my instructor and I look forward to progressing through advanced levels. I particularly enjoyed the interation with my instructor and the varied methods she employed to convey the meaning and cultural sense of the language. The enthusiasm she brought to the process, combined with the well structured method created a enjoyable and motivating environment within which to learn the Japanese language.


Ms. Lina Wood(USA)

January, 1997

I read about Mrs. Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese(MISJ) while attending "Tokyo Here and Now" at The Tokyo American Club in1996. As anyone whose attended "Tokyo Here and Now" know, there is alot of material given to participants, including a number of brochures on various Japanese programs.

MISJ appealed to me because it seemed well thought out and also offer a logical combination of conversation, grammar and reading/writing skills. Also, I felt that I would get good "survival" skills and, indeed, alot of practical things are covered in the Welcome Program, like numbers, shopping, asking questions, ordering in a restaurant and taxi directions.

The instructors are excellent, highly trained and friendly. All speak excellent English, adjust lessons to the pace of the student and are happy to answer questions. Finally, it felt good the other day when, in a large shop without another Westerner in sight, I was able to ask for 250 grams of roast beef in Japanese. And later the same day, while walking, I read "tonkatsu" in hiragana over a door and knew the type of restaurant inside. Fluency is a distant dream, and these are small accomplishments, but I don't think that's too bad for a few weeks' study!


Mr. Miquel F. Lizarraga Bolio(Mexico)

July, 1996

I take the introduction to Japnaese courses of MISJ the last year and now I taking the Expanded Novice Program course. I am very impressed by the learning results because this course cover all principal aspects as speaking, reading, writing and listening.

I would like to recommend the MISJ courses by the efficient methods of teaching and by the teachers that explain in a clear manner all about the Japanese Grammar. I am pleased with the results that let me use my skills with confidence.


Mr. David Hughes(USA)

February, 1996

Dear Iwasaki-Sensei: I wanted to write to express my satisfaction and appreciation of your systematic Japanese language program.
I have greatly enjoyed my expreiences in this program, and I recommend it to others who are pursuing Japanese language education.

I first heard of your program in a Japan Times article last summer. Although I do not live in Tokyo, and your classroom was two hours from my Fujisawa apartment, I was intrigued by the description of your structure program, especially with the use of your mathematical background in formulating
your curriculum.

I started in your program in September of 1995, and have since completed your introductory course, and continued on in the expande novice program. In this short time, I feel that my understanding of the Japanese language has improved dramatically, not only in vocabulary, but also in reading and writing skills, and especially in a better understanding of Japanese grammar
and language structure. This has been a great help in improving my relations with and understanding of my co-workers, all of whom are Japanese. It has also helped in my non-business communications, whether shopping, eating, traveling or otherwise surviving in Japan.

I have found your course materials to be very well-organized and the audio tapes and supplemental material provide even more assistance. Most importantly, I have found my instructor to be not only very professional, but also quite encouraging, which has helped to motivate me to improve
study habits.

Of course, I still have a long way to go in my learning, and I plan to continue my enrollment and studies for the duration of my stay in Japan.


Ms. Goh Chen Ming(Singapore)

February, 1996

The Iwasaki Language Programme

I started the Iwasaki Language programme last year in October after reading a supplement on language courses in The Japan Times. The article on Mrs. Iwasaki's unique method of introducing Japanese to beginners attracted me. As a housewife with 3 children and new to Japan, I do not have much time to spend on learning the Japanese language. Mrs. Iwasaki's method sounded very logical and practical compared to another language school that I was on the verge of registering.

I have not been disappointed. In just 3 months(twice a wee, two hours per session), I can read and write Hiragana and Katakana, and understand basic Japanese grammar and sentences. During lessons, we do not use or refer to any textbooks. The secret of her method is in the way she organized the Japanese language, the materials(text, tapes and review cards) she developed for home study, the interactive and interesting lessons and the dedication and quality of her highly trained teachers. Mrs.Iwasaki has always stressed on the importance of practice and self-study and I thoroughly agtree with her. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I do no conscientiously follow her self-study programme because of the lack of time. In spite of that, I am still better off than some acquaintances who have studied in other language schools for more than a year. That really testifies to the effectiveness of her programme. Had I followed her self-study programme diligently, I would have been many times better.

I would therefore not hesitate to recommend The Iwasaki Language Programme to anyone wanting to learn the Japanese language quickly and effetively. Her method makes a lot of sense and takes away the confusion of Japanese grammar and speech.


Ms. Lindsey Carver(USA)

August, 1996

Mrs. Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese improved my Japanese linguistic skills dramatically. After studying with this program for 2 and a half weeks my liguistic confidence began to take off. I learned so many things that were easy to remember at ILPD, so I wated to speak Japanese as often as I could.

I knew when I was speaking in Japanese(after ILPD) that my grammar was correct and my sentences were put together with the right particles.
What a great feeling!

I would only recommend this class to people who were serious about the Japanese language and had dreams of oneday speaking the language competently. This is an aoutstanding course!


Mr. Andrew M. Till(Great Britain)

July, 1995

I would like to strongly recommend Mrs Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese teaching program. Its methodical approach and high quality of teaching materials have allowed me to make significant progress in the language, within a short period of time.

I would also like to thank my teacher, Mr Suzuki, whose conscientious support has been of great help during the welcome program.


Ms. Mariola Antonik(Poland)

March, 1995

I'm satisfied with MISJ Welcome program. Everything was logically explained and professionaly taught. In my case, I didn't expect so quick learning results during such a short period. That's why I strongly recommend MISJ program to everybody.


Ms. Liz Roberts(Holand)

June, 1994

After visiting Japan several times I decided to stay a little longer to learn some more about the country and its culture.

I didn't speak Japanese but I wished to learn it.
Happily I came across Mrs. Iwasaki's unique way of teaching Japanese in a way it makes sense to one who doesn't know anything about the language.

After a welcome program, taught by Miss Naito, a very warm person and a supurb teacher I was able to use my skills with confidence and in every day life. I highly recommend Mrs. Iwasaki's and her method of teaching.


Ms. Oat Wait(USA)

March, 1993

I have had positive experience with Mrs. Iwasaki's language program. She provides personal attention in flexible and reliable scheduling and well-prepared tutors. While each lesson introduces large amounts of material and
requires serious committment to independent study time, it is compactly organized so that basic sentence structure and Japanese "Particle" usage can be nicely understood. The "swwwal Japanese" package teaches some language
skills particularly useful for people new to Tokyo. I felt that my involvement in the program was productive, that the presentation lessons and my committment to the independent study of the material was well-rewarded.


Ms. Anne Hopkins(USA)

June, 1993

Mrs. Iwasaki has created a highly successful Japanese language training course. The instructors are specialists drawing upon their considerable teaching experience to present a comprehensive language course that is easy to understand. The hours I spent with Kunii-sensei were both interesting and rewarding and I have been pleased with the learning results.


Ms. Amy and Sara Ford(USA)

January, 1992

We have participated in many different Japanese language programs ranging from high school instruction to college level both in Japan and abroad. From these experiences we were left with many unanswered questions, and we were
frustrated by an inability to see results from the time and effort we had devoted to language study. While we still had the desire to become proficient in the Japanese language, we were not satisfied with the approaches given in past experiences.

After seeing an advertisement in the "Nippon View" magazine, we contacted the head of the MISJ program, Mikiko Iwasaki. Immediately upon speaking to Mrs. Iwasaki, we were impressed
by her efforts to produce a program that took a systematic approach to learning and teaching Japanese. At our first interview, it was clear that our grammar questions would be answered. Even more encouraging was Mrs. Iwasaki's assurance that we could expect the maximum results for the amount of time we chose to devote to our studies.

Without reservation, we would like to recommend the MISJ program. You will find explanations clear and well thought out.  Teachers have been personally trained by Mrs. Iwasaki and from our experience they have done their upmost to make the Japanese language and culture understandable to foreigners. If you
have tried other programs and feel frustrated with your lack of progress or if you starting from the beginning, we feel confident that you will find success with the Iwasaki program.


Ms. Barbara J. Weist(USA)

June, 1992

I have had the opportunity to receive Japanese language instruction from several teachers from the Iwasaki Language Program Development and found them to be very professional.

Learning any foreign language is difficult and intimidating. The teachers of ILPD are self-confident, responsible instructors who put me at ease and were quick to smile and laugh to break any tension on my part. Their English abilities are exceptional and that is an important factor to consider when choosing a lnaguage school. To have new concepts explained in a clear, concise manner in a language you already know helps the learning process tremendously.

The instructors of Iwasaki Language Program Develpment have obviously been trained to maintain the highest standards of professionalism while at the same time creating friendly, relaxed learning ecvironment.

I feel confident in the quality of teaching received through ILPD and hold the individual instructors in the highest regard.


Dr. Per Omstedt(Sweden)

September, 1991

I have taken part in a two week intensive course of Mrs Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese followed by participating as a test student for the potential teachers who will accomplish the education phase of the system. When I make my comments on the methodology I take into consideration a 6-years stay in Japan and a comparison with 180 hours Japanese studies according to the Berlitz method.

I am very much impressed by the quick laerning results. In a very efficient way a reasonably large material is covered during a short period. It is important to emphasize that as a student full time and effort is addressed during the learning period for achieving good results. For the foreigner struggling to get along in Japan it is important to quickly master the speaking and listening situation. But additionally it is as important also to master some reading adn writing. The Systematic Japanese is excellent in its holistic approach covering all four aspects in parallell.

The material is very practial in its design leading to a quick access to an understanding on how to handle the day to day situations in Japan in Japanese.

The written material is well suited for studies both under teaching guidance and independently at home.

In summary I can warmly recommend Mrs Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese Method. The combination of high efficiency, quick results with hard work from the student but during a short time was extremely valuable and enjoyable for my stay in Japan.


Ms. Carolyn Sevos(USA)

August, 1991

Mrs. Iwasaki has developed a superb program for teaching Japanese. Last summer while visiting my parents who live in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to study with Mrs. Iwasaki. Mrs.Iwasaki taught me eight two hours sessions using her new teach-ing method. Previously, I had no knowledge of the Japanese language and had never been introduced to Japanese grammar.

During the sessions, Mrs. Iwasaki taught me beginning level Japanese, teaching me many new verb forms, and various practical expressions. Between sessions I was asked to use cassettes to help improve my speaking and listening ability. Her program also provided very helpful worksheets to review lessons and reinforce my writing ability.

Certainly, learning a foreign language requires effort on the part of the student, but I found that Mrs. Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese motivated me to follow through on the lessons that were clearly organized and cummulative in nature. Mrs. Iwasaki's lessons made Japanese accessible to me.

The following fall semester in college I took Introduction to Japanese, an intensive everyday program for learning beginning level Japanese. I found that I was ahead for the first half of the semester and had established a good foundation upon which to build.

I have been thoroughly impressed by Mrs. Iwasaki's efforts to teach Japanese to foreigners. I think she has developed an excellent program which combines speaking with reading and writing. It is rare to find Japanese language texts which combine all three skills. In fact, my textbook in college did not have a program for learning to read. My professor was re-quired to create supplemental worksheets.

I expect positive results and much success for those students who use Mrs. Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese. I am glad that I had the opportunity study with her prior to embarking on the difficult task of learning Japanese in school which is far removed from Japan. Even after my first year of Japanese in
college, I still refer to her worksheets. I truly believe that I have greatly benefitted from the motivation, clarity, and an innovative teaching method provided by Mrs. Iwasaki's program.