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Who Developed MISJ?

Who Developed MISJ?

Mikiko Iwasaki

Graduated from Tokyo Women's Christian College Mathematics B.A.
TOEIC 870 / TOEFL 633

  Achievements since 1992

The number of students who learned Japanese with MISJ: more than 3000, significantly increased in Congo(DRC), the USA, and India. Thanks to Udemy.
Students' age: from 15 to 65 years old.
Students' nationalities: more than 146 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, European countries such as UK, Sweden, Germany and Finland and Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Philippines, China,
Korea and Congo(DRC).

Number of trained instructors: more than 270 including 13
Chinese instructors, 1 Vietnamiese instructor and
9 Congolese instructors.
*Unfortunately, very few of them are active right now
under the name of ILPD.

Developed Japanese language teaching materials
Review materials such as textbooks and tapes for students' use from introductory level to the intermediate level
Teaching materials and manual for instructors
Three e-Learning programs
One TV program "Meet & Speak"
broadcasting by NHK WORLD.
One textbook for TV program broadcasting by NHK EDUCATIONAL
MISJ for Udemy: since 2018
promotion video
To request a discount coupon: info@ilpd.jp

  For Further Inquiries

Prof. Yoko Hasebe(Keio University)
Prof. Dr. Keiichi KODAIRA
(Former Director of JSPS Liaison Office in Bonn, Germany,
Professor Emeritus University of Tokyo)
Prof. Dr. Hajime Ohiwa(Professor Emeritus of Keio University)
NHK world
NHK Educational
Nara Institute of Science and Technology


It is my pleasure to have the opportunity of introducing MISJ.
After nearly 15 years of research and more than 20 years of trials I am very confident that MISJ can reduce the time and energy to at least half of which used to be required to master Japanese language. In addition, every student who devotes at least 30 minutes for oral practice everyday and two hours for self-study between lessons can master high standard natural conversation without fail.

MISJ is probably the first system that can teach grammar and conversation simultaneously as well as systematically.

I hope every student has the opportunity to enjoy the system and to receive the benefit of it. I also hope that many people understand more about Japan and Japanese people through the language study.